Guru Reseller Hosting

Learn everything you need to know about Guru's reseller hosting plan. From features and pricing to support and resources. Discover the benefits of choosing for your reseller hosting needs.

Guru Reseller Hosting Reseller Hosting, owned by UKDedicated Ltd, is a cPanel web host based in Hemel Hempstead that has been providing web hosting services since 2002.

In this article, we are going to look at everything has to offer for resellers, from features to pricing to support and reviews.

GURU operates on a true-cloud platform, which allows your service to be flexibly and dynamically moved, balanced, and optimised within its fully resilient cloud infrastructure. This means that your service is not tied to a single host and can be easily scaled to meet your changing needs. Using a true cloud host has the advantage of eliminating any single point of failure, ensuring that your websites remain online at all times.

Guru uses a LiteSpeed Enterprise stack for its UK reseller service that includes a range of features to ensure the security and performance of your websites. These features include Cloud Linux, Litespeed cache, free SSL certificates, daily backups, a Web Application Firewall (WAF), and automatic malware scanning.

Plans & Pricing

Guru offers a total of 5 reseller plans that include 3 Cloud (shared) options and 2 Cloud Pro (semi-dedicated) options.

Guru has taken a different approach to reseller hosting, there are no 'unlimited claims' and all resource limits are clearly stated.

One notable feature of Guru's reseller plans is that they all include email, which is something they do not include on their standard shared plans unless you pay extra.

Bandwidth limits vary depending on the plan you choose and CPU usage is capped at 60% per cPanel account. However, if you need to increase the CPU power for your estate, Guru allows you to do so for an additional fee of £5 per boosted account.

Guru Cloud 10 Guru Cloud 100 Guru Cloud 250
Price £19.99 £29.99 £84.99
cPanel Accounts 10 100 250
Disk Space 100GB 100GB 250GB
Bandwidth 1000GB 2000GB 5000GB
Daily Backups Yes Yes Yes

With Guru's Pro plans, there are no restrictions on resources. The amount of RAM and CPUs is increased by four times for the entire account, which enables you to set your own limits and customise the allocation of resources on your websites.

Pro plans are perfect for websites that require a little more juice such as eCommerce and community websites. These plans also offer hourly backups and a generous amount of bandwidth and a dedicated IP address.

Guru Cloud Pro 100 Guru Cloud Pro 250
Price £59.99 £119.99
cPanel Accounts 100 250
Disk Space 100GB 250GB
Bandwidth 4000GB 10000GB
Daily Backups Yes Yes

Guru’s main features:

  1. 100% uptime guarantee on all hosting plans
  2. Solid State Drives NVMe SSD/Flash Storage
  3. Malware scanner
  4. Around-the-clock support
  5. LiteSpeed Servers
  6. LiteSpeed Cache
  7. Daily, 4-hourly and hourly backups
  8. Account boosters
  9. 1-click install for popular web apps like WordPress
  10. Free WordPress staging
  11. Free WordPress migrations
Guru Pros Guru Cons
True cloud CPU usage capped at 60%
Good uptime record No billing software available
Daily, and hourly backups No unlimited bandwidth


Guru's support team is knowledgeable and capable. They offer a range of support channels, including telephone, live chat, and a ticketing system. In general, support tickets are handled within 30 minutes, although there have been a few instances where it has taken up to an hour to receive a reply but overall, Guru's support service is reliable and helpful.

Final Words

If you're in search of a top-quality, true-cloud UK cPanel reseller host that can deliver high performance, then Guru is definitely worth considering. They offer a convenient £1 monthly trial, so you can test out their services and see if they meet your needs. Give them a shot – you won't be disappointed!